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Behind the Scenes - Ad Addition and Removal

Ben Maddox ยท Tuesday, December 12, 2023

If you visited my site yesterday (December 11th 2023), you may have seen some vignette ads. I was trying out https://propellerads.com/. While it looked promising and had a faster turnaround than Google Adsense, the quality of the ads was disapointing. I saw one that implied I had a virus and should install a particular antivirus software. That was without merit, as you could likely guess. That didn't maintain the quality I want, so I removed those ads.

I will need to support myself for this site, but I won't do it by including ads that don't maintain a reasonable level of quality. You will likely see more attempts in the future as I try to generate income for myself.

Thank you.
Ben Maddox